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Hi there. I'm Space Mouse. This is my site, and the site for my game company, Space Mouse, LLC.

Yeah, that Space Mouse. The one from Saltybet.

In some way or another, you might have heard of me. I have made a whole bunch of MUGEN characters that people know of. But what many people don't know is I do a lot of art, as well!


I do a fair bit of art, actually.

And it's more than that. I have a webcomic I make, too! I've been updating it since 2013. It's called Alastere.

It's a webcomic designed to look and feel like an old 16-bit era J-RPG. What does that mean? It means I use hand-drawn art, animation, sprites, music, and web effects to combine into a more immersive experience and push the limits about what a 'comic' really is. Most comics go for the medium of print; I saw a web browser and saw the opportunity to create something greater than a print comic. As such, it can be kind of difficult to evaluate what Alastere is, exactly, without an explanation. I'm a big believer of "the medium is the message", and there's a great deal of unique effects you can do through the medium of a web browser. Alastere, the comic, is entirely my original work.

How much work have I put into my comic? Well, it's at hundreds of pages, more text than The Hobbit, over two and a half hours of original music, and I even have released code that uses the same engine Earthbound did to render backgrounds. If you have javascript enabled, you can see it below.

Isn't that neat? There's a demo here if you want to spend some time messing around with it. It's open source!

Alastere is a passion of mine, and I've dedicated years of my life to telling a story. I've been going to conventions since Small Press Expo in 2015. All with the purpose of just getting the word out about it.

Yes, I'm dedicated enough to make a miniature table game. That's a game people can play right at the convention table itself. It even prints out stickers as a reward. And I plan on expanding it more beyond that small screen at the next convention I'm at. And my game-making doesn't stop there! I have a game on steam and called Gimmick in the Chaos Dimension.

It's absolutely real! I'm even collaborating with the japanese developer MINDWARE - they asked Alice from their game SPACE MOUSE 2 to cameo. It's my first video game, and it's a maze-running game with skills and procedural generation. You can find it at the IGDB,, and Steam, or the official website at the top of the page. I'm also releasing a second game, Gimmick's Gadgets.

Gimmick's Gadgets is a hex grid based idle-puzzle game, and my second full game to release. You can find it at and Steam, as well as the official website linked at the top of the page. I'm also working on a game called Lost Memori.

It's kind of like Space Harrier. A third person surreal rail shooter, but with a lot more stuff. I reverse-engineered how the game would render backgrounds, and I've built the engine for it myself. My goal is to have the final game be seeded and procedurally generated - in other words, a random, different experience every time, while giving it the ability to share the specific experience with others. If you put in the same seed to generate it, you'll always get the same game. Like how Terraria, Minecraft, Binding of Issac all work.

I currently work a full time job, and with Alastere and my art, I don't have as much time to work on it as I'd like, and it's currently in the alpha stage. But it's one thing of many that I work on, and all part of my art.

I hoped this has helped explain a bit about what I do, and has shown some good samples of my work. I want to end this by sharing my patreon!

Thank you for reading, and remember: Always Bet SpaceMouse.