Hi there. I'm Space Mouse.

This is my commission info page.


I can do the whole range of sketches to colored.

I can also do some flashier things like colored lines, shading, and backgrounds.

Multiple characters, high-res desktop backgrounds, and nsfw vary in price, but I'm open to them. Expect roughly a price increase of 50% for any of those.

For nearly all works, I will provide you a sketch for approval before payment. Invoices will be handled via paypal.

I also can do physical, scratch-off image commissions.

These are physical works of art that will be unique. I will run the sketch and inks by you before I physically make one. Shipping is included in the price.

I can do other things, too. I've made a whole bunch of MUGEN characters that people know of. If you want me to make you one, well, let's talk. I must warn you; this would be a great deal of work and time. Expect such a thing to run probably around a thousand dollars and take me a month+ of work.

Many examples of my work can be found at my FurAffinity (nsfw site warning) and Weasyl (sfw).

The link to submit a commission request is this google form, or you can contact me on twitter.

More example images of my work are also included below. Thank you for reading.