Hi there. I'm Space Mouse.

This is my commission info page.


I can do the whole range of sketches to colored.

I can also do some flashier things like colored lines, shading, and backgrounds.

Multiple characters, high-res desktop backgrounds, and nsfw vary in price, but I'm open to them.

I also can do physical, scratch-off image commissions.

These are physical works of art that will be unique. I will run the sketch and inks by you before I physically make one. Shipping is included in the price.

I can do other things, too. I've made a whole bunch of MUGEN characters that people know of. If you want me to make you one, well, let's talk.

Many examples of my work can be found at my FurAffinity (nsfw site warning) and Weasyl (sfw).

The link to submit a commission request is this google form, or you can contact me on twitter.

More example images of my work are also included below. Thank you for reading.